Madrasika is not just a collective with a dream. It is the passionate rasika, the devoted arts enthusiast. Madrasika is the microcosm of the Madras we know and love, a city that has a vibrant, rich and enriching arts scene, a city that thrums with excitement in the month of Margazhi, a city that looks to preserve tradition but also embraces the novel and different. Madrasika is about the revitalisation of a city’s spaces and the appreciation and enjoyment of an array of creative processes known and unknown. Madrasika is a movement.

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Madrasika is an initiative that aims at showcasing as wide a range of creative processes as possible in free, open, public urban spaces. We aim to make the arts as accessible as possible to all, and in doing so, use public spaces in creative, constructive and aesthetic ways. The first step to realising our vision will be a launch event on March 29, 2015 at 'Spaces'. The evening shall feature performances of a mix of different art forms presented in an aesthetic, tranquil and inviting setting that inspires artistic expression.

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A public space invites a feeling of ownership, of involvement of a very direct kind, and we wish to reclaim otherwise featureless, undifferentiated parts of our urban landscape: spaces usually unused (MRTS stations), underused (parks and subways), and abused (the beach or the street), and performances, lectures, film screenings and exhibitions of fine art, craft and photography, thereby creating new communities, subcultures and public spheres.

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Madrasika Team
  • Archana, Mihir
  • Rithvik, Satwik
  • Shreya, Soundharya

Social Media

Madrasika launched its Facebook page on March 3, 2015.


Madrasika is an initiative that hopes, in its effort to bring the arts to open, public and free spaces, to make a mark on the city's cultural landscape. On our page, we keep you updated on our events and post photographs, written pieces and videos related to the arts.

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    Madrasika Curtain Raiser Event
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    Madrasika Launch Event
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    Madrasika @ MRTS
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